Who is Kim Jones?! This video sheds some insight on my past. I highlight certain experiences that led me towards the career path of strength and conditioning, and personal encounters that motivated me to become a figure competitor.

Snippets from some of my Athletic Teams' training sessions on campus.

Summit Expo 2016 Presentation (Prehab Don't Rehab) Book Coach Jones for an Injury Prevention Seminar! Teach your athletes, employees or coaches about muscle imbalances and how they contribute to dysfunctional recruitment patterns.

Coach Jones Co-Authors Book!


We give our girls syllabi and curriculum for their education.
We make them playbooks for their athletics.
What do we give them to support their growth through life?

Our book is a collection of experiences and wisdom to help girls with navigating all of it: school, athletics, and life.

Women share letters on what they would tell their younger selves or another young girl about the journey; this book will remind you of your power and that you are never alone.



Kim Jones (MA, CSCS, Z-Health, USAW), aka: Jones Strength, is a Performance Coach, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist (PN1) and IFBB Pro Women's Physique competitor based out of Los Angeles, California.

MISSION STATEMENT: I teach fundamentals of movement to help people regain their physical freedom and return to the activities they love.

Why should you need to injure yourself, have surgery then go to physical therapy just to re-learn how to move properly? That's kind of backwards isn't it? Pre-hab Don't Rehab folks! Why not learn how to move properly in the first place to decrease the chances of blowing out a knee, herniating a disc or developing tendinitis? 

It isn't always the acute debilitating injuries that do people in. Nope! It's the minor little aches and pains that go ignored. It starts with tightness, restricted range of motion, numbness, burning, tingling etc. Then as symptoms progress apprehension kicks in and certain activities gradually get shut down until a completely sedentary lifestyle is the "safe" new norm. Chalk it up to old age right? Wrong! Pain is NOT the price we pay for getting older. It's the price we pay for poor posture, too much sitting, un-addressed muscle imbalances, signal quality within the nervous system (visual, vestibular, proprioceptive inputs) an ignoring our bodies’ "check engine" lights. You know, the signals (listed above) that our bodies send when they need attention. Here's where I come in!

My name is Coach Jones and I give people their lives back! My passion is movement, and I'm gonna teach you how to recruit the right muscles so you don't hurt yourself. 

Are you experiencing Pain, Restriction, Poor Balance, Immobility, or Dizziness?

Schedule a 1 Hour Visual, Vestibular and Sensory assessment with Coach Jones! You’ll walk away with personalized drills designed to improve deficits and performance barriers that have decreased your ability to move well and feel safe

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Kim has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at both the collegiate and high school level. She began training athletes while she was teaching Health and PE, and coaching varsity basketball at Notre Dame Academy High School in 2004. She moved on to collegiate athletics in the summer of 2008. Kim interned with football and a number of other sports programs in the Athletic Performance department at UCLA. From 2008-2010 Kim was an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at California State University Northridge (CSUN).

In 2011 she decided to shift her focus toward youth training and accepted a position with the United States Tennis Association (USTA). As a Strength and Conditioning Specialist she designed strength, speed, acceleration, and agility programs for nationally ranked junior level tennis players. 

In January 2012 Kim became the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at El Camino College. Prior to her arrival a Strength and Conditioning program did not exist on campus. She meticulously developed and cultivated the program, managing 17 out of 21 intercollegiate sports teams. She currently works with 5 intercollegiate sports. 

PODCAST: I am also one half of the dynamic duo: Convos With Coaches. Our mission is to empower athletes with the tools they need to develop as CHAMPIONS, not only in sports, but in all areas of life. Myself and Coach Leslie Trujillo integrate spiritual, mental, and physical principles to give athletes a complete foundation for success. Our podcast is an avenue for courageous conversations between coaches and athletes, parents and children, coaches within various industries, and the community at large. We discusses the MVP's of Coaching, which include Mindset, Vision and Performance. 

2nd Annual Convos With Coaches Movement & Performance Seminar coming soon!!

Snippets from some of my Athletic Teams' training sessions on campus.