Visual and Vestibular Assessment

Visual and Vestibular Assessment


1 Hour Assessment will test:

Visual System:
Eye Movements
Visual Clarity
Depth Perception
Peripheral Awareness/ Reaction Speed
*Assessments can be done lying down, sitting or standing

Vestibular System: Balance
Comprised of Various head and eye movements
Drills are done barefoot
Drills are done in different stances (foot positions)
*Assessments can be done lying down, sitting or standing

Proprioception (Sensory System): Awareness of limb & body position in space.
My job is to have you leave the assessment with:
-Sport Specific/ Position Specific mobility exercises
-Restored mobility (Better range of motion)
-Increased joint stability (Better joint control lowers chances of sprains and strains)
-Pain free movement
-Increased Strength/Speed
-Increased Coordination

GAIT Assessment:
”Walking is the single strongest, most chronic, full body loading event our bodies undergo.”
Increased performance and movement efficiency can be improved by cleaning up our gait (decreasing stress on the joints caused by poor movement patterns).

-SI Function (Sacroiliac Joint)
-Upper Extremity Movement Patterns
-Lower Extremity Movement Patterns
-Head and Neck Stability

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