Alpha: being the most dominant, powerful,  or assertive person in a particular group.

Q&A Session: Mike Rashid, Big Rob and Kim Jones (


Kim is sponsored by the company ImSoAlpha. As one of the Lady Alpha athletes on the team, she prides herself on upholding the company motto of "Building Strong Minds and Bodies".

Kim embodies what it means to exude an Alpha mentality. Her confidence, aggressiveness and perseverance have allowed her to achieve much success as a figure competitor and coach. Unfortunately, many women are afraid of, or intimidated by the weight room. Kim is determined to change that. She is establishing a Lady Alpha movement to empower this population. The core components will be education, dispelling myths and developing a healthy comprehension of fitness and health. AKA: building strong minds. 

Mental toughness is what has allowed Kim to thrive in the heavily male dominated field of Strength and Conditioning. She is currently the first Strength and Conditioning coach at El Camino College's history. Females encompass a small percentage within the field. Head Strength positions are rarely obtained by women.

When people ask how the male athletes, particularly football, respond to her she replies, "I've got to set the tone day one. I am  assertive, I'm able to project my voice, and I don't tolerate disrespect. Plus, all you've got to do is get a guy stronger and they buy in immediately".   

Kim received her Bachelors degree in Psychoogy. She understands that personalities and learning styles impact a person's motivation to train. Regardless of the goal, one's mental capacity must be well equipped to adapt to a training schedule, or clean eating program. The body will not become strong if the mind is weak. When it comes to fitness and training,