Video Analysis (Form Check)

Video Analysis (Form Check)


“Coach, am I doing this right?” Shoot me a video and I can tell you! 

People often ask if they can send videos of specific exercises so I can analyze their mechanics. We are all potentially 1 rep away from injuring ourselves in the weight room! Proper mechanics must be implemented to truly benefit from the movement, and to decrease the chance of injury.

This service offers full video analysis of ONE exercise of your choice. Send video clips of the exercise, (20 seconds or less), from 3 different views (front/back/side). I will upload footage into the app “Coach's Eye”, and E-mail a detailed response within 24 hours. Customers will receive video analysis including voice overs with coaching cues at key points of the exercise to improve execution the lift. 

Implementing efficient mechanics is the difference between hitting a New PR or failing. It is the difference between getting stronger in the weight room or plateauing. If you have hit a wall, or you just need an extra pair of eyes watching you perform a movement, this service is for you!

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