Coach Jones provides various types of training and services based on your personal goals. 

Corporate Prehab:


It is my mission to decrease injuries caused by repetitive motions in the work place. What is the solution? Prehab, don't Rehab! This initial consultation includes an in depth introduction to the benefits of Prehab. My program is designed to prevent injuries and unnecessary surgeries caused by repetitive motions, repetitive stress and overuse. Corporate Prehab will Increase your companies' efficiency factor, decrease symptoms of chronic pain and ultimately decrease health care costs. 


Strength Training:

4 Day Split: This plan incorporates 2 upper body lifts and 2 lower body lifts. It will ensure that you maintain a well balanced physique by targeting opposing muscle groups. Prepare to achieve tremendous strength gains while you pack on some serious lean muscle!

3 Day Split: This plan incorporates 3 total body lifts. The varied intensity, mixture of volume and exercise variety will promote strength gains and an increase in muscle. This program blasts the major muscle groups and the smaller assistance muscles to help you look strong and lean!

Strength and Conditioning:

Exercise specificity, training intensity and volume must be manipulated within a sports team’s yearly strength and conditioning programs. Intercollegiate sport seasons include an Offseason, Preseason, In-Season and Post Season. Therefore, organized and planned periods of training must be utilized based on the time of year. Training blocks will get broken up into 4 different cycles, each contributing to specific goals and objectives. An overview of an entire year consists of training blocks which incorporate a Macrocycle, and several Mesocycles and Microcycles. Training cycles are contingent upon specific phases of training.


For bodybuilding programs splits are implemented so muscle groups are isolated during training. With this program you will achieve better size, development and symmetry throughout your physique. Splits will correspond to a specific body part (Chest, Back, Delts, Legs etc.), and combine a different combination of sets, reps and rest to push your body to the limit!

Posing Clinic (Bikini, Figure, Men's Physique)

Get help with posing from an IFBB Pro! 1 hour sessions are available via Skype or in person at Metroflex gym in Long Beach, California. Competitors will learn how to execute the Mandatory quarter turns required for Figure, Bikini and/or Men's Physique. Precision, timing and presentation will be fine tuned so that you bring a winning package to the stage!