Performance Coach, IFBB Pro Figure

"Trainers" come a dime a dozen. What I do is coach. Regardless of whether I'm helping a figure competitor with posing, helping my celebrity client get in shape for a role, or coaching the football team at El Camino College, my role never changes. I give them a program that is guaranteed to enhance performance. Whether it is for the office, the field or the classroom my objective remains the same. I want to transform you into the most productive person you can be.



Who is Kim Jones?! This video sheds some insight on my past. I highlight certain experiences that led me towards the career path of strength and conditioning, and personal encounters that motivated me to become a figure competitor.


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I'm focusing on common mistakes I see when I observe a basic step up. Try making these slight adjustments if you truly want to recruit the proper muscles and reap the benefits of this movement.

I began doing this type of squat to develop my vastus medialis muscle. I have arthritis in the lateral part of my left patella. I found that strengthening the VMO helped my patella track more properly. This significantly helped decrease my knee pain, and allowed me to continue to do lower body pushes (squats/lunges)essentially pain free.